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Christening Dresses

Care and maintenance



Christening Dresses

Yes, it is possible to choose the bow model and color of christening gowns with the Easy Click system.

Contact us to hear the possibility of changing the bow on christening dresses that do not have the Easy Click system.

We have many different bow models which are available in all sorts of colors. Our bow collection can be found here

If the desired color is not in our collection, we can probably provide the color (write or call us and we will try to find a solution). A minimum of 2-3 days extra delivery time must be added when obtaining order colors for the loop.

Our christening dresses are measured from the shoulder and measure 65, 70, 95, 100, 120 or 125 cm.

If there are no measurements on the christening dress, you are welcome to contact our support.


Many of our standard products are subject to change.

Changes are agreed in connection with the order.

Please note that changes to a standard product categorize the subsequent one as a tailor-made product, thus waiving the right of return. Read more in our Terms and Conditions.

on tailor-made clothing, 50% of the estimated price is paid when ordering.

The prepayment covers the initiation of the order. If the order is not executed, the prepayment will NOT be refunded.

Care and maintenance

All clothing purchased from us must be treated gently when they need to be cleaned. Use the following cleaning instructions.

It is recommended to wax the clothes by hand. If the clothes are washed in the washing machine, this must be done on an extra gentle program. It is recommended to put the clothes in a clothes bag when washing them in the washing machine.

Hardcover can now be elastic band washed – decorations can not be washed.


It is recommended to dry the clothes by placing them on a soft towel or similar (which does not stain). When the clothes are completely dry, hang them on a hanger.


Ironing is recommended to do with one dot (110 degrees) and a maximum of two dots (150 degrees).


When cleaning the clothes, it must be done with gentle cleaning.


Do not use bleach on clothes.


We can supply goods to the following countries:


Rest of Scandinavia
  • Finland
  • Iceland
  • Sweden

  • Germany

Outside the EU
  • Faroe Islands
  • Greenland
  • Norway
  • United Kingdom
  • Ukraine
  • Canada
  • USA

NOTE: It is important to indicate the correct country at your address, in order to provide correct shipping methods and shipping costs.

We use the freight companies GLS, PostNord and DAO for delivery in Denmark. Delivery to Greenland and the Faroe Islands takes place with PostNord air transport.

Delivery to countries within the EU uses GLS and outside the EU PostNord is used or by agreement.

Note that there is customs clearance on shipments outside the EU.

Before sending, you will automatically receive an email with a tracking number from us. The movement of the package can be followed via Shipmondo here .

Remember to pick up your order no later than 14 days after the time the package has arrived at the delivery point.

We offer a full right of return and exchange, which means that you can exchange your item or cancel your purchase within 14 days.

All you have to do is inform us if you want to return all or part of your order. Fill in the return form here and send the item back together with a description of what you want to happen with the return. This can be, for example, an exchange for another item, an exchange for another size or a refund of the purchase.

You must bear the costs of returning it yourself. If you have bought the wrong size, you must pay the return shipping yourself, but we pay the shipping for the shipment of the exchanged item.

All returned items must be sent to our address:

Just Alina ApS
Galgehøj 6
DK-8700 Horsens

We offer that you can buy a return label through us here


We accept payment by credit card (Dankort, Visa and MasterCard), MobilePay, bank transfer or cash on collection.

We are not able to accept payment with MasterCard Debit.

Card and MobilePay payments are made via QuickPay’s payment solution. The card payment will only be withdrawn when the item is shipped.

Bank transfer can look to Arbejdernes Landsbank on:

Reg. no.: 5370
Bank account: 0000256843

Please write order no. in the transfer text, then it is easier to confirm the payment. It is recommended to use “immediate transfer” or it may take 2-3 business days before the payment can be approved. When the payment is approved, the item is shipped.

When picking up at our address, payment can be made in cash.

When ordering tailor-made products, a deposit payment of 50% must be paid for a binding agreement. The remaining amount must be paid before shipment. The last payment can be payed form the Customer Center.

There is NO right of withdrawal on tailor-made product after the deposit has been paid.

Contact Just Alina if you want more information about deposit payment.

Processing of personal data

In connection with trading atJust Alina ApS a number of personal data are stated as:
  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Phone
We process this personal information in connection with the processing of your purchase, as it is necessary for us to fulfill our part of the agreement and for a subsequent period of 5 years, in order to comply with Danish Accounting Act. The information is then deleted.

Data security

In connection with the processing of your personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the agreement, we will always process your personal data securely and confidentially in accordance with applicable law, including the Personal Data Ordinance and the Data Protection Act.

Your information will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected and will be deleted when that purpose is fulfilled or no longer relevant.

We use third parties to process your information. We have entered into data processor agreements with these data processors, which is our guarantee that they comply with applicable rules on the protection of your personal data.

Information may be passed on, in connection with purchases, to third party transportation and payment solutions. Otherwise, personal is not passed on or sold to third parties unless this is done in connection with a restructuring or a full or partial sale of the company. Any disclosure in such a situation will take place in accordance with the personal data legislation in force at any given time.

Disclosure, objection, amendment, data portability and deletion

You can always contact us to find out which of your personal information we hold.

If there are errors in our information, you can always ask to have it corrected so that we have the correct ones, just as you have the right to have the information provided in a standard format (data portability).

If you no longer want us to process your personal data or to restrict the processing of your personal data, you can also send us a request.

Requests for information, objections, changes, data portability or deletion of personal data must be made in writing to

You can also view and correct your information from our Customer Center.

Your information will be deleted 5 years after your purchase Just Alina ApS is completed.

If you want to complain Just Alina ApS‘s processing of your personal data, this can be done to the Danish Data Protection Agency, at the address Borgergade 28,5., 1300 Copenhagen, telephone no. +45 33 19 32 00 or e-mail the address 

Note! all our contact forms are protected with reCAPTCHA,
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Size guide

Age 1-2 mth 2-4 mth 4-6 mth 6-9 mth 9-12 mth
Size/Height (cm) 56 62 68 74 80
Weight (kg) 3-5 5-7 7-9 9-10 10-12
Chest width (cm) 41 43 45 47 49
Waist width (cm) 40 42 44 46 49
Hip width (cm) 42 44 46 48 52
Head circumference (cm) 48-50 48-50 48-50 48-50 48-50
Hand length (cm) <11 <11 <11 <11 <11
Age 1-1½ years 1½-2 years 2-3 years
Size/Height (cm) 86 92 98
Weight (kg) 10-12 12 12-14
Chest width (cm) 41 53 55
Waist width (cm) 49 50 51
Hip width (cm) 52 54 58
Head circumference (cm) 48-50 50-52 50-53
Hand length (cm) <11 11-12 11-12

Age 3-4 years 4-5 years 5-6 years 7-8 years 9-10 years 11-12 years
Size/Height (cm) 98-104 104-110 110-116 122-128 134-140 146-152
Weight (kg) 16-18 18-20 20-22 25-28 31-34 35-49
Chest width (cm) 56 57 58 64 70 76
Waist width (cm) 54 55 56 58 62 66
Hip width (cm) 60 62 64 68 75 85
Head circumference (cm) 51-54 52-54 52-54 54-56 54-56 54-56
Hand length (cm) 11-12 12-13 12-13 13-14 13-14 13-14

The guide is used as guideience to find the right size for your child.