Behind Just Alina

Alina Sovenko started in 2015 Just Alina with a joy of designing and sewing christening, confirmation, wedding and party / gala dresses of high quality for every girl's dream.

Alina is from Ukraine, but came to Denmark in 2012. Alina is a trained nurse, but since it was not possible to continue as a nurse in Denmark, Alina chose to pursue her passion for design and clothing by starting Just Alina. Alina has been designing and sewing clothes for more than 30 years, and high quality for both material and work is the focus of the creations.

Alina is married to a Dane and has two small children here in Denmark – Mille and Nanna are a couple of the models in the Webshop. In addition, Alina has a big girl, in her mid-20s, who lives in Ukraine.

Just Alina we design and produce our own dresses and collections, but also sew dream dresses to order. See the beautiful collection of christening dresses webshop and pictures sent to us from our happy customers in the gallery.

With Alina’s creative approach, she has, among other things. invented the “Easy Click” system for the christening dresses, so that the bows can be changed easily and quickly so that the dresses fit both boys and girls.

At Just Alina, we are always helpful with advice on design and material choices, or taking the measurements for a new dream dress.

Book a visit and have a chat about your wishes and possibilities.

Welcome to Just Alina - adventure dresses for traditions and parties

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